About Us.

A Medley of Asian Flavours

The Flaming Bowl offers a new gourmet experience that slowly unfolds into an amalgamation of modern, creative Asian flavours and textures, rediscovering culinary masterpieces from the Asian ennead: Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore!


Savour the delicacies of Asia in an extensive culinary journey that commences with China’s fiery Sichuan Province, to the remote, rustic land of Burma, followed by the Land of the Morning Calm – Korea and into The Land of the Rising Sun – Japan, before going south to the land of Dragons – Indonesia and culminating in a boundaryless tour of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam- land of the Ascending Dragon and so much more!


Fresh Ingredients & Enticing Flavours

The Flaming Bowl divulges the recipes from 9 asian countries and their most tantalising favourites, such that even a seasoned diner will find something new in terms of ingredients, creativity & innovation!

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Its not just a meal, its an experience!

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The interiors here at The Flaming Bowl comprise of a recreation of the bamboo look that is predominantly an Asian element, but with a modern twist. 

Our focus is on simple aesthetics and subtle ambience with wooden finishes and luxurious porcelain crockery for a minimal, aesthetically pleasing yet a warm, inviting feeling for our guests.


We at The Flaming Bowl have carefully designed a private dining area, that accommodates about 15-20 guests such that they are given privacy as well as ease of service, without compromising on the fun element of togetherness.


Flavours that have stories to tell!

They all our food